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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can't join Game Session

What is the difference between a Lobby and a Game Session?

  • A lobby is a “pre-game” room where you can gather your friends to chat and pick what maps or game modes to play, it can also used as a “group system” between games because you’ll not leave a Lobby unless explicitly doing so, for example you will not automatically leave a lobby just because you left a game session, this way you’ll all be in the same lobby together until you exit the game or leave the lobby.

  • A game session is where you play the game, you’re all connected to a server and playing the game.

Player count is stuck at 0

If you’re using a Dedicated Server setup you have to authenticate the player for them to be registered on the server

Where can I find my game log files?

Log files are generated in X:\Project\Saved\Logs The newest logfile will be called Project.log If you are running a Standalone Instance the log file will be named Project_2.log

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